The Dividend Machine Review

The Dividend Machine is edited by Bill Spetrino and published by Newsmax Media. Bill Spetrino has been the sole editor since the newsletter began in May 2009, a rarity among the newsletters published by Newsmax which frequently churn editors (specifically Ultimate Wealth Report). While Spetrino benefits from starting The Dividend Machine just months after the stock market bottomed in March 2009, the historical win rate of 77% is a credit to Spetrino’s stock picking ability.

Spetrino’s bio shows a background in accounting with a degree from John Carroll University in Ohio, as well as a decade spent teaching. Spetrino has also written a book titled “The Great American Dividend Machine” and claims his income from dividends pays his family’s living expenses.

While the newsletter began with a sole focus on building a portfolio of dividend stocks, an “Aggressive” portfolio was added in July 2009 and an “International” portfolio was added in the May 2011 issues. Spetrino advocated that readers put 90% of their capital into the “Conservative” dividend stocks, and 5% each into the “Aggressive” portfolio and “International” portfolio. With only 5% of an investor’s capital going into the two smaller portfolios, they added little to the overall returns. These smaller portfolios also had most of the worst losses Spetrino has taken since the newsletter started. The additional portfolios also drifted away from the core thesis of a “dividend machine.”

In the August 2018 issue, the “International” portfolio was eliminated and the “Aggressive” portfolio became 10% of the overall portfolio allocation.

The newsletter boasts a tremendous win rate, and handful of huge winners, and has beaten its 1,2 and 3-year benchmark index.

Overall, The Dividend Machine has benefited from a near-continuous bull market since inception and time will tell if Spetrino can maintain his near 80% win rate during a flat or bear market.

Subscribers can expect monthly newsletters, weekly podcasts where Spetrino covers any news that affects his picks as well as occasional special reports.

Bill Spetrino


Dividend Stocks

Newsmax Media

Altria (MO) 519.74%, Forest Labs (FRX) 290.01%, Cincinnati Financial (CINF) 287.24%, YUM Brands! (YUM) 248.24%

Geospace Technologies (GEOS) -73.66%, Fang Holdings (FANG) -64.13%, Radio Shack (RSH) -63.67%, Transocean (RIG) -57.39%


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